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A 20G pressure tank, also known as a 20-gallon pressure tank, is a larger storage tank designed to hold pressurized water in residential, commercial, or industrial water systems. The “G” denotes gallons, indicating its storage capacity.

The “MS” in the description likely refers to the material of construction, which could be mild steel (MS). Mild steel is a common material used for pressure tanks due to its strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Here are some additional details about a typical 20G pressure tank:

Capacity: The tank has a storage capacity of approximately 20 gallons (or around 75 liters) of water when filled to its maximum recommended pressure level.

Pressure Rating: The pressure tank is designed to handle a specific maximum pressure. This pressure rating can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific model, but common pressure ratings for residential systems are typically in the range of 30 to 50 pounds per square inch (psi).

Construction: The tank is typically cylindrical in shape and made of mild steel. The construction can be either welded or seamless, depending on the manufacturing process and the specific model.

Diaphragm or Bladder: Similar to smaller pressure tanks, the 20G pressure tank features a diaphragm or bladder that separates the water chamber from the compressed air chamber. This design ensures that the water and air do not come into direct contact, maintaining pressure consistency.

Connection Ports: The tank has inlet and outlet ports to connect it to the water system. These ports are usually threaded for ease of installation and connection to other plumbing components.

Pressure Relief Valve: As a safety feature, the tank is equipped with a pressure relief valve that automatically releases excess pressure if it exceeds the tank’s maximum pressure rating.

Pressure tanks, such as the 20G pressure tank, are commonly used in various applications, including well water systems, booster systems, irrigation systems, and industrial processes. They help regulate and stabilize water pressure, reduce pump cycling, and provide water storage for times of high demand.

It’s important to note that specific details may vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and region. For precise information about a particular 20G pressure tank – MS, it is recommended to refer to the product specifications and documentation provided by the manufacturer.



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